Escondido Things-to-Do 

Dad and Cub

Wild Animal Park

Just east of Escondido is the San Diego Wild Animal Park.  This park draws visitors  from around the world.  This is where San Diego North County meets the Serengeti.  The park is part of the San Diego Zoological Society and is responsible for saving many endangered species.  The park is over 1800 acres and will require over a full day to view.  At the park exotic animals can be viewed in their natural habitat.  There are also many animal shows.   There is a childrens petting zoon in the center of the park and several places to feed the ducks.  There is a nursery viewing area, shops, and several restaurants.  If you and your children like to get up close and personal, take some great photographs, and create some priceless memories, there is the “Roar and Snore” program.  You can spend the night right in the Wild Animal Park and enjoy the stars and animal enconuters.   For other fun things to do see the section on Escondido Parks and Lakes (coming soon).

North and West of  Downtown

When you live in the Escondido real estate area you are very close to a lot of fun things to do.  Starting North of Escondido, you can enjoy a meal and attend a play at the Lawrence Welk theater.  There are also many other things to do at the Welk area.  For example, you can see the many historic things that were used in the long running Lawrence Welk tv show.  There is also a great golf course  and several beautiful timeshares.  The entire area is a popular visitor attraction call Lawrence Welk Village.  Also, North of downtown are the Auto Museum and the Deerpark Winery.   The winery has won many awards for its Cabernet Sauvignon and Zinfandel.  The winery offers daily tours.  If you don’t have the taste for wine, just to the immediate west of downtown is the Stone Brewing company.  Stone beers are becoming famous throughout California.  Near the Stone Brewing company is also the “Crab Shack.”   Here they serve crab in the shell on newspapers.  Great fun.  Of course, about 30 minutes to the west of  the Escondido real estate area, is the Pacific Ocean with its great beaches, harbors, and everything that goes along with the fun life in the sun.

Downtown Escondido

Downtown offers many fun things to do.  In the summer there is Crusin’ Grand on Friday nights.  Car clubs come from all around Southern California and nearby states to show off their work.  There is also the California Center for the arts and its surrounding cafes, fine restaurants, galleries and boutiques.   The Center for the Arts attracts top name entainers and show productions.   Just a few block east of downtown is the 61 million dollar Iceoplex.  It has two ice rinks and an exercise complex.  The Escondido Iceoplex is very popular for youth hockey.

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